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Released - October 2003 - The 2002 Tour Official Bootleg (2 CD's) 

MYSCD 177 - 11.99

This fabulous double CD release features the following tracks:

Disc 1 Disc 2
Watcher Of The Skies Eleventh Earl Of Mar
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight The Musical Box
I Know What I Like Supper's Ready
Firth Of Fifth Jamie & Nigel's Drum
More Fool Me Los Endos
The Battle Of Epping Forest  
After The Ordeal Both CD's recorded from the desk on the 2002 UK tour.
The Cinema Show  
Aisle Of Plenty  

Without doubt, ReGenesis are one of the leading tribute bands in Britain and Europe. If you a Genesis fan, these albums are a must. The band capture the imagery of the fantastic costumes and exciting stage show, but above all the musical reproduction is unbelievable. The band faithfully recreate those Genesis classics from 1970 to '75, recalling the great era when Peter Gabriel was the inspiration. Brilliant numbers such as "Trespass", "Nursery Cryme", "Foxtrot", "Selling England By The Pound" and "The Lamb Lies Down Broadway" are perfectly captured by the band in their amazingly colourful, theatrical show with many of the outrageous costumes that Peter Gabriel was famous for as well as those vintage instruments such as Moog Taurus Bass Pedals, Twin Neck Guitars and Analogue Synthesisers. Highly recommended.

Lamb For Supper Live 2001  Order Now

CD Code MYS 149    11.99

Recorded live at G2, The 2001 Genesis Convention at the Guildford Civic Hall in March 2001. This was a fabulous show which the band are now touring the UK. The set included full lighting, projection, sound, costumes and effects.

Track List

bulletGrand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging
bulletChamber Of 32 Doors
bulletThe Lamia
bulletSilent Sorrow In Enemy Boats
bulletThe Colony Of Slippermen
bulletSupper's Ready
bulletDance On A Volcano/Drum Duet/Los Endos

ReGenesis Live! ~ CD CODE ~ MYS 112 Now 8.99 Order Now

Track List

bulletWatcher Of The Skies
bulletFirth Of Fifth
bulletThe Lamb Lies Down
bulletFly On A Windshield
bulletBroadway Melody Of 1974
bulletIn The Cage
bulletSupper's Ready
bulletI Know What I Like*
bulletCarpet Crawlers*

* Studio Recordings

All titles composed by Genesis (Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Steve Hackett and Mike Rutherford)


This is yet another superb example of how the band faithfully recreate that authentic GENESIS sound and bring those momentous performances back to life. Here It Comes, was recorded live at the Robin Hood R&B Club, Dudley, UK on the 18th April 1998. Remixing was at Workshop Studios, Reddich, UK.

Track List

bulletBack In N.Y.C.
bulletThe Musical Box
bulletThe Return Of The Giant Hogweed
bulletDancing With The Moonlit Knight
bulletThe Cinema Show
bulletLos Endos
bulletThe Knife

All titles composed by Genesis

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